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Learn about each State Disability Insurance (SDI) plan and how they may apply to you.

The majority of California workers are covered by this plan. Most of the information provided under Disability Insurance (DI) and Paid Family Leave (PFL) relates to the State Plan.

The Voluntary Plan (VP) is a private plan, which may be substituted for the State Plan with our review and approval. Employers and employee groups can apply for approval of a VP if the majority of employees and their employer agree to do so. If you are covered by a VP, you must get information about the plan and your coverage, and file a VP claim through your employer.

Employers, including general partners, self-employed and independent contractors can choose this plan. However, the way these benefits are determined is different than the State Plan. Get the annual cost for this plan from your local EDD Employment Tax Office.

This coverage is also available to people who work for a family run business which is not subject to the California Unemployment Insurance Code. It allows them to choose coverage at the same rate and with the same benefits as the State Plan.

Elective Coverage claims are filed in the same way as State Plan claims; however, there are some differences in the premiums and benefits offered.

If you have questions about your eligibility and would like to speak with a Disability Insurance Elective Coverage Customer Service Representative:

  • Call DIEC at 1-916-654-6288.
  • Call the toll-free Taxpayer
  • Assistance Center at 1-888-745-3886.
  • TTY users dial the California Relay Service at 711.

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Last Revised: 02/22/2022