EDDNext: Expanding Language Access

Unemployment applications now available in California’s top eight languages.


Welcome to EDDNext, an ongoing modernization effort to completely transform the EDD customer and employee experience. We’re updating online applications, contact centers, the claims process, policies, procedures, and forms, to make your experience easier and faster.

“EDDNext is about improving the way we interact with the public and our employees. We are evaluating every contact point our customers have with us. These projects encompass people, policy, and procedures – as well as modernizing technology.”

Ron Hughes
EDDNext Deputy Director


EDDNext Goals

  • Deliver an easier and faster customer experience across our programs and services.
  • Offer self-service automation for quick and convenient customer service and support.
  • Provide equal access to ensure all individuals can make use of EDD benefit programs and services.
  • Safeguard services and personal information to protect identities and reduce risks of fraud.
  • Modernize technology with more flexible systems to meet the challenges of an evolving economy.
Photo of EDD Next Deputy Director Ron Hughes with the EDD Next Logo.

Listen to EDDNext Deputy Director, Ron Hughes on the GovReport as he provides updates about what's next with EDD.

Expanding language access to California’s diverse communities is a key part of our effort to transform the customer experience.

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What to Expect

  • Secure and easier online application that makes it easier to claim benefits.
  • Easy-to-understand notices and forms.
  • More automation and self-service opportunities.
  • An updated and modern contact center to make it easier for you to reach us.
  • Multilingual materials to help all Californians.

Our Progress So Far

  • Along with English and Spanish, we added Armenian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, and Vietnamese translations to UI Online applications.
  • We implemented myEDD, an easier and more secure login process for all benefit programs.
  • We moved to Money Network to issue benefit payments by debit card.
  • We are partnering with the vendor community to develop modern solutions.

What's Next?

  • Offering direct deposit as another way to receive benefit payments alongside debit card and check.
  • Upgrading identity verification to improve speed, automate verification, and maintain security.
  • Streamlining benefit applications to make filing easier.
  • Strengthening the Voice of the Customer program to identify customer barriers and address them faster by implementing new technology.
  • Modernizing the contact center with voice, chat, text, and other convenient options to seek help.

Solution Partners

EDDNext is looking for partners to help improve and modernize our customer experiences.

2024 Vendor Opportunities

  • Request for Proposal: Integrated Claims Management System with Integrated Data Management System
    • Create solutions to manage claims determinations, claimant communications, and an enterprise data platform.

Career Opportunities

Are you passionate about customer experience? Review these rewarding career opportunities at EDDNext: