Work Sharing Information for Employees FAQs

You can participate in the Work Sharing Program if:

  • Your employer has applied for Work Sharing.
  • You meet eligibility requirements.
  • You have been approved.

Your employer will notify you if they have signed up for a Work Sharing plan that allows you to receive Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit payments.

Work Sharing is an Unemployment Insurance program paid for by your employer, at no cost to you.

You must meet the following requirements for each Work Sharing week:

  • Be regularly employed by an employer whose Work Sharing Plan Application has been approved by the EDD.
  • Be a part of your employer’s permanent regular workforce and not a leased, intermittent, temporary, or seasonal employee.
  • Have qualifying wages in the base quarters used to establish a regular California Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim.
  • Your reduction in hours and wages must be at least 10 percent and no more than 60 percent.
  • Have completed a normal work week (with no hour or wage reductions) before participating in Work Sharing.

You must get Work Sharing claim forms from your employer. Employers must complete the employer section, and then give you the form to complete and sign.

You can get Work Sharing Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit payment information using UI Online or by calling the UI Self-Service Line at 1-866-333-4606.

Visit Work Sharing Program or contact our Special Claims Office at 916-464-3300 for more information.

You will receive a Notice of Unemployment Insurance Claim Award (DE 429Z) (PDF) after your Work Sharing Unemployment Insurance claim is filed. It will provide your weekly benefit amount and you will receive a percentage of that amount  based on your reduced hours and wages for each week.

We issue Work Sharing benefit payments using a debit card or by check. The debit card is the fastest and most secure way to receive your benefits.

Yes, like regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) customers, Work Sharing participants must serve a one-week unpaid waiting period. The waiting period is usually the first eligible week claimed after the Work Sharing UI claim is filed.

Contact the EDD Special Claims Office at 916-464-3300 to change your Work Sharing claim to a regular Unemployment Insurance claim.

Either you or your employer can mail your Work Sharing claim forms. Forms must be postmarked within 14 days of when the form was issued.

Your benefits may be affected if you miss work and the absence is not approved, or if you are not available for all work offered by your employer.

Yes. However, any earnings from an employer, other than your Work Sharing employer, may reduce the amount of Unemployment Insurance benefits you will receive.

You may cancel a claim if no payment has been made. Refer to A Guide to Benefits and Employment Services (DE 1275A) (PDF) for information on cancelling a claim.

Yes. You have the option to withhold 15 percent federal taxes.

 Visit Unemployment Insurance Appeals for information on how to appeal the EDD’s decision.