Nonindustrial Disability Insurance FAQs

Nonindustrial Disability Insurance

Get answers to FAQs about Nonindustrial Disability Insurance (NDI) and Nonindustrial Disability Insurance-Family Care Leave (NDI-FCL).

No. You cannot choose your disability program. It is determined by your employment position and bargaining unit.

If you are enrolled in the Annual Leave Program (ALP), your employer will continue to pay benefits.

If you are not enrolled in the ALP, you must have leave credits to continue your benefits. If you do not have enough leave credits, your benefits will stop.

Once NDI benefits are approved, you should direct all other employee benefit questions, including your health, dental and vision benefits to your attendance clerk or personnel office.

Yes. Your NDI benefits will be included as wages on your W-2.

Yes. If you work reduced hours or have a change in how you perform your work because of a disability and you have a wage loss, you may be eligible for benefits.

No. If you are receiving NDI benefits, you will not accrue annual leave credits unless you work partial hours.

Yes. If you are in a covered bargaining unit and are otherwise eligible for NDI, you can file a claim and receive benefits.

You must contact CalPERS to discuss your service credit purchase options.

Yes. If you are on NDI, you can file a claim for NDI-FCL. We will determine if you are eligible. However, benefits for both programs cannot be paid on the same day.

Yes. There are times when you are eligible for both NDI and SDI, such as moving from one bargaining unit to another.

Family Care Leave

NDI-FCL is for eligible California State employees, excluded from bargaining, who need to take time off work for family leave.

No. NDI-FCL does not require a waiting period before you can be paid.

Yes. You can file both claims, but you are only eligible to receive a combined maximum of 8 weeks (56 days) in a 12-month period. Your bonding claim and caregiver claim cannot overlap.

NDI-FCL benefits are only available to excluded employees or an employee represented by a specific bargaining unit that has FCL language in their Memorandum of Understanding and who are not able to participate in the California State Disability Insurance Paid Family Leave program. Only the state employees mentioned above who are enrolled in the Annual Leave Program are eligible for these benefits.

NDI-FCL provides up to six weeks of benefits in a 12-month period for employees who are excluded from bargaining and need to take time off work for family leave.

NDI-FCL does not require a 7 or 10-day waiting period before benefits are payable.

ENDI provides up to 26 weeks of benefits for a qualifying medical disability and requires a 7 or 10-day waiting period before benefits are paid.

Yes. The claim process, the roles and responsibilities of the personnel offices, and how the benefits are paid are the same as the ENDI program.

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