COVID-19: Additional Assistance Funds for Workers and Businesses

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In response to COVID-19, the Governor announced the availability of an additional $21.2 million in Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act funds to help impacted workers and businesses with re-employment, supportive services for basic needs, and Rapid Response activities.

Statewide Worker Supportive Services

$10 million was provided to help workers impacted by COVID-19. Local Workforce Development Boards (Local Board) will use the funds to provide supportive services, such as childcare, housing, and utility assistance, and transportation costs, to underserved populations, particularly participants in the English Language Learners (ELL) and ELL Navigator program. Supportive services are available in two tiers:

  • Individuals receiving at least 50% of their previous wages either from their employer directly or Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit payments, may receive supportive services totaling $400.
  • Individuals who are not receiving at least 50% of their wages from their employer directly, or UI benefit payments may receive supportive services totaling $800.

Los Angeles Region Worker Supportive Services and Rapid Response Services for Businesses

$10.4 million was provided to help workers and businesses in industries most impacted by COVID-19 including entertainment, hospitality, travel and leisure.

Local Boards will distribute funds to community-based organizations and non-profits who will assist workers with:

  • Job matching, applying for unemployment benefits, and job training for in-demand jobs during COVID-19.
  • Supportive services to help with child care, utility assistance, rent, clothes, and transportation/fuel costs.

Funding will also support Rapid Response services for local businesses to help with:

  • Talent recruitment for companies with the increasing demand for services such as food services and delivery services.
  • Business outreach by phone/WebEx and social media to inform businesses of resources on tax relief, work share, Unemployment Insurance, and Federal stimulus package information through the Small Business Administration and Governor’s Office of Business Services (GOBiz).

Contact an America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM

Workers and businesses are encouraged to contact their local America’s Job Center of California to set up an appointment to speak with a representatives to determine their eligibility for services.