Direct Deposit is Now Available for Unemployment, Disability, and Paid Family Leave Benefit Payments


NR No. 24-23
Contact: Loree Levy/Greg Lawson

EDD customers can choose the most convenient payment option for their needs

What You Need to Know: Californians receiving unemployment, disability, or Paid Family Leave benefit payments can now enroll in direct deposit – a safe, fast, and convenient way for both existing and new claimants to receive payments automatically into a personal bank account. In addition to prepaid debit card or mailed checks, benefit program customers can choose the payment option that best meets their individual needs.

SACRAMENTO – The Employment Development Department (EDD) is now offering its unemployment, disability, and Paid Family Leave benefit customers a direct deposit option to receive their payments. Direct deposit is a safe, fast, and convenient way for individuals to have their benefits automatically deposited into their personal checking or savings account. This enhancement follows the Department’s transition to Money Network for benefit payment services earlier this year which included issuing new prepaid debit cards.

“We have been focused on improving our benefit systems as part of our ongoing effort to modernize and improve the customer experience for all Californians,” said EDD Director Nancy Farias. “Direct deposit offers our customers the safest and most convenient means of receiving the benefit payments that they need.”


EDD customers will need a myEDD account to select the best payment option to meet their needs. For help setting up a myEDD account, customers can view myEDD Registration and Overview (YouTube). Once logged in, customers can update their preferred payment option within UI Online for unemployment benefits or SDI Online for disability or Paid Family Leave benefits, after selecting Profile on the main menu.

EDD encourages customers to learn more about direct deposit and other payment options by visiting the Department’s Benefit Payment Options webpage. There are also videos available to assist existing customers with how to set up direct deposit if they so choose. New customers will make their selection when applying for benefits online.

The new direct deposit option is considered a secure, fast, and convenient way to receive payments for customers who have a bank account. Other options include a prepaid debit card as well as mailed checks for receiving benefit payments.

EDD benefit payment options are Direct Deposit, Debit Card, and mailed check.

The new direct deposit option is available for workers who are accessing EDD’s services online starting June 17. In early July and again in August, EDD will be alerting these customers to the expanded benefit payment options through direct emails and text messages. Customers will also see online notifications when logging in to apply for benefits or manage their benefit claim.

For unemployment customers, notifications will be made available in the top eight languages, including English for those who have indicated a preference to receive translated communications.

Beware of Scammers
EDD will never email, text, or call to ask for login information or bank account details to enroll in direct deposit. Be cautious of unsolicited emails or text messages that request personal or financial information with a sense of urgency. EDD emails only contain links to websites that include “” Visit the Fight Fraud webpage for tips on how to avoid scams.

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