How to File a Disability Insurance Claim in SDI Online

If you think you’re eligible for disability benefits, file a claim to apply. The fastest and easiest way to file a DI claim is through SDI Online.

Follow these steps to apply online.

You must provide the following information to file a DI claim using SDI Online:

  • Valid California Driver License (CDL) or Identification (ID) card number.
  • Your full legal name as it appears on your CDL or ID.
  • Date of birth as shown on your CDL or ID.
  • Social Security number.
  • Most current employer’s business name, phone number, and mailing address (as stated on your W-2 or paystub).
  • Last date you worked your normal or usual duties (or the date you began working less than full or modified duty).

Note: If any of the following apply, you should file a paper claim form instead of filing online:

  • You do not have a valid California driver license or ID.
  • You do not have a valid SSN.
  • You have a name that does not fit the space in the online form.
  • You had a recent name change.
  • You received an error code you cannot resolve or have any other difficulty filing an application online.

You must also give the following information only if it applies to you:

  • Any wages you received or expect to receive from your employer (sick leave, paid time off (PTO), vacation pay, annual leave, and wages earned after you stopped working).
  • Any workers’ compensation claim information.
  • If you receive in-patient treatment at an alcohol recovery home or drug-free rehabilitation facility, provide the name, address, and phone number of the home or facility.

Note: The facility must be licensed and certified by the state in which the facility is located.

To register for SDI Online, follow these steps:

Create a Benefit Programs Online Account

Before you can use SDI Online, you must first create a Benefit Programs Online (BPO) account.

Important: BPO is available 24 hours per day. Once you register on BPO, you are not done. You will receive an email to confirm your account, which includes a link. Select the link to complete your registration. For security purposes, the link will expire within 48 hours. For more information on how to register, access Benefit Programs Online: Overview and Registration for New Users (YouTube).

If you don’t get this message in your inbox, check your spam or junk mail folder

Register for SDI Online

Log in to BPO, then select SDI Online. You will be directed to your SDI Online Registration Options.

Important: You will need to complete the identity verification process through before you can create and use a new SDI Online account to file your claim.

You will be assigned an EDD Customer Account Number once you complete the registration process. You will also receive a registration confirmation by email and mail.

To file your claim online, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your BPO account.
  2. Select SDI Online.
  3. Select New Claim.
  4. Select Disability Insurance and follow the steps in each section.
  5. Submit the completed Part A – Claimant’s Statement.
  6. Save your receipt number. You must provide this number to your licensed health professional.

You must submit your DI claim within this timeframe:

  • Wait nine days after you become disabled to file your claim.
  • File your claim within 49 days of becoming disabled to avoid disqualification.

Note: It may be necessary for us to send you some documents by mail, even if you select electronic communications as your preference.

After your claim has been received, your licensed health professional can find your claim in SDI Online using your form receipt number.

They must submit the certification no later than 30 days after your disability begins or you may lose benefits.

Talk to your licensed health professional about their process for submitting a DI claim (they do not all follow the same steps or procedures).

Your claim will not be processed until we receive both your part and the medical certification. You must submit your completed claim within this timeframe:

  • Wait nine days after you become disabled to file your claim.
  • File your claim within 49 days of becoming disabled to avoid disqualification.

Do not submit the same claim more than once. This will delay your claim.

What to Expect Once Your Claim Is Submitted

Once your licensed health professional submits your medical certification to us, you have successfully filed your DI claim. We will contact you with the status of your claim, usually within 14 days.

Your employer will be notified that you have submitted a DI claim. However, medical information is confidential and will not be shared with your employer.

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