Debit Card


Your Debit Card

Use your debit card to pay bills, buy groceries, and everything in between.


New: Changes to Your Debit Card

We have changed the bank we use to issue your debit cards. As of February 15, 2024, benefits are no longer issued to a Bank of America debit card. Instead, they are now issued to a new Money Network prepaid debit card

Important:  If you still have a Bank of America debit card for your EDD benefits, it will only be active until April 15, 2024.

For more information, watch The EDD is Transitioning to New Debit Cards (YouTube).

If You Received Payments by Debit Card January 15February 14, 2024:

Your payments were issued to your Bank of America prepaid debit card. We also mailed you a new Money Network Card (with no money on it yet) for future benefit payments. Your new Money Network Card should arrive in 14 business days. For example, if you qualified for a payment on February 5, allow until February 23 to receive that new Money Network Card. It will be in a plain, white, letter-sized envelope from the Employment Development Department with an Omaha, Nebraska (NE) return address.

If you don’t receive your card, contact Money Network at 1-800-684-7051.

Money Network debit card placed on top of a white EDD envelope
Person using the Money Network Mobile App on their phone

Download the Money Network App

The Money Network Mobile App is a convenient and secure way to keep track of your money with options like mobile check deposit, fingerprint/touch ID and card lock features, account alerts, budgeting tools, and so much more. For a complete list of app features, visit Money Network Mobile App.

Woman using her phone with a scared look on her face

Look Out for Scammers

We will never request your personal information by text message, email, or on social media. Text messages asking you to activate a debit card by selecting a link are scams. EDD text messages only link to websites that include “”. Visit Help Fight Fraud for tips on how to avoid scams.

About Your Money Network Prepaid Debit Card

We issue your benefit payments on a debit card that’s fast, convenient, and secure. Plus, there’s no credit check and we don’t monitor your transactions. With the new Money Network prepaid debit card, you can:

Woman drinking a cup of coffee looking at her phone

Get your money faster.

Woman withdrawing cash from an ATM

Withdraw cash at ATMs, banks, and stores with cash-back options.

Man and woman happily working on their laptops in kitchen

Transfer funds to the bank of your choice at no additional cost.

Man sitting on the couch typing on his laptop

Receive fraud protection from a Zero Liability Policy.


Activate and Use Your Card

Call 1-800-684-7051 or download the Money Network App to activate your prepaid debit card, set your PIN, and check your balance.

Once your card is activated, you can use it like you would a personal debit card. Buy groceries, pay bills, get cash back, and more.

Register or download the Money Network App to check your balance, set up transfers, and more.


Your Payment Options

Choose from two safe and secure payment options.

Prepaid Debit Card Features

  • Flexible, secure, and easy to use.
  • No credit check.
  • Have control of your spending.

Mailed Check Features

  • Flexibility to deposit at any bank.
  • Have control of your payments.
  • Privacy and security.
  • May have slower mailing times.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

If you lose your card, lock it while you look for it. To lock your card, log in online or download the Money Network Mobile App. If your card is permanently lost or stolen, call  1-888-913-0900. For more information, visit Lost or Stolen Cards.


Customer Service Help

For more help, you can speak with a Money Network Customer Service representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling one of the following phone numbers:

  • Within the United States: 1-800-684-7051
  • Outside of the United States: 1-531-262-5282
  • TTY: 1-800-684-7053

Important: Money Network representatives cannot answer questions about your claim or our programs.


Disclosures and Fees

You will receive important information with your card. Be sure to read all information including fees for the debit card. For digital wallets, view your Cardholder Agreement (PDF).


For more helpful information, review Debit Card FAQs.


Important Dates for Your Bank of America Debit Card

Date Actions You Can Take
March 31, 2024 Last day to request and be issued a replacement card, if your card is lost, stolen, expired, or scheduled to expire before March 31.
April 15, 2024 Last day to activate and use your card as you normally do to make payments, cash withdrawals, and purchases.
April 30, 2024 Last day to choose one of the options below for any money left on your card:
  • Transfer any remaining money to a checking or savings account of your choice.
  • Request a check from Bank of America.
  • Request an emergency cash transfer through Western Union.

After April 30, you’ll need to contact Bank of America at 1-866-692-9374 to request a check.