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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Discontinue, Continue, or Extend Your Paid Family Leave Benefits

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You may receive up to six weeks of benefits, if eligible. On Paid Family Leave (PFL) claims, the Employment Development Department (EDD) may require that the care recipient’s physician/practitioner or you complete additional forms to discontinue, continue, or extend your PFL benefits.

Discontinue Benefits

If you have returned to work before using all six weeks of benefits, you must notify the EDD. If you fail to notify the EDD, you may incur an overpayment. An overpayment occurs when you receive benefits you were not entitled to receive. To prevent an overpayment, you must report any changes in writing via SDI Online, by mail, or contact the PFL office immediately by calling 1-877-238-4373.

You must report any of the following events:

Note: If you are reporting the death of a care or bonding recipient, you may notify the EDD by writing to the PO Box address printed on the payment notice. Be sure to provide the care or bonding recipient’s name and date of death, and your name, address, and phone number so we can contact you with additional instructions. Benefits are payable through the date of death, if otherwise eligible.

Continue Benefits

If you reported intermittent leave or continued work on your claim form, you will receive the Continued Claim Certification for Paid Family Leave Benefits (DE 2580GF) to certify to the days you have worked during your claim. If you do not return the DE 2580GF to the EDD, your benefits will stop.

Extend Benefits

A Notice of Final Payment (DE 2525XF) will be issued when your PFL claim indicates that you are ready to return to work. With your final payment, you will receive a Paid Family Leave (PFL) Supplemental Claim Certification (DE 2525XFA) enclosed with the DE 2525XF.

Care: If you need to continue providing care for a family member and still have benefits available, select the box that applies to your claim on the PFL Claimant’s Certification section of the DE 2525XFA. Then you must have the care recipient’s physician/practitioner complete the Physician’s Supplementary Certificate section of the DE 2525XFA and return it to the EDD.

Bonding: If you wish to continue bonding with a child and still have benefits available, select the box that applies to your claim on the PFL Claimant’s Certification section of the DE 2525XFA and return to the EDD. The “Physician’s Supplementary Certificate” section does not need to be completed for bonding claims.

If you misplaced the DE 2525XFA, you may request the form via your SDI Online account or by calling 1-877-238-4373.