Respond to Your Request for Identity Verification

If we couldn’t verify your identity based on the information you gave us when you filed for unemployment, we will notify you that you will need to provide additional documentation and which specific method you must use to verify your identity. Complete this step in UI OnlineSM or respond to the Request for Identity Verification (DE 1326C) mailed to you.

How Should You Verify Your Identity?

Use the Document Upload feature in UI Online to verify your identity. If we need you to verify your identity, you will get a message asking you to:

  • Visit your UI Online homepage and select Upload Identity Documents. You will only see this option if there has been an issue verifying your identity.
  • You may also receive this request in the mail.

Gather Your Documents

For us to verify your identity, you must provide two documents:

  • One photo identification document
  • One other identity document

View the list of acceptable documents for identity verification.

Submission Deadline

You have 10 calendar days from the Mail Date on the Request for Identity Verification (DE 1326C) mailed to you to respond with your proof of identity.

To request more time, you must call 1-866-401-2849 or mail a request to the address at the top of the Request for Identity Verification (DE 1326C) mailed to you. We must receive your request within 10 calendars days of the Mail Date on the paper form.


If we do not receive your correct identification documents or a request for more time, or we are not able to verify your identity:

  • You will not be eligible for benefits.
  • You will receive a disqualification notice (Notice of Determination) in the mail.
  • You will have to file an appeal to receive benefits for this claim.
  • You may receive an additional request to verify your identity.

Avoid Common Mistakes

For faster processing and to avoid delays or penalties, make sure:

  • Your information matches. Your name, date of birth, and Social Security number must match the information on file with the Social Security Administration (SSA) or the DMV. For example, you may have changed your name but didn’t notify the DMV.
  • You submit the correct documentation. You must provide documents with your correct name or date of birth, such as an official birth certificate or marriage certificate.

Note: We will not update your information with the SSA, the DMV, or your employer. Contact them directly to make changes.

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