Army Veteran Joins EDD Veteran Employment Specialists in Assisting Vets in Finding Post-Military Employment

Local Veteran Employment Representative (LVER) Aldo Arrunategui and Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program (DVOP) Specialist Chau Cagle first made contact with recently separated Army veteran Luis Acosta at a virtual Veteran Orientation Workshop (VOW). Both veteran representatives provided Luis with information regarding the Employment Development Department’s (EDD) veteran employment programs.

During that initial overview, the veteran staff explained their roles and responsibilities to Acosta, who provided a brief background on himself and acknowledged that he was wished to pursue a full-time career after completing his military service obligations. Acosta achieved the rank of Captain (O-3) while serving as an US Army Military Police Officer assigned to the Army Corrections Command in Washington DC., and also served as a regional recruiting officer. After their initial meeting, Arrunategui referred Acosta to websites to explore a new career and provided him with a Labor Market Information Navigation Brochure and virtual workshops calendar that would aid him in his efforts to obtain suitable employment.

Arrunategui and Cagle provided Acosta with information on two Employment Program Representative (EPR) positions in the Orange County area. Acosta stated that he will apply for both the DVOP and LVER positions and hopes he will be a strong candidate for them. Arrunategui’s also assisted Acosta in tailoring his resume to meet the specifications of the positions and participated in a preparatory mock interview. Acosta was provided a reference of an available interview and best practices workshops, which led to him attending a second virtual veteran’s workshop where he received more information on veteran and credential programs.

Acosta was enrolled into a case management program to officially work with DVOP Cagle more closely to help him find gainful employment. While Acosta searched for employment, Cagle encouraged him to file an Unemployment Insurance (UI) application for former service members. Acosta inquired about additional EPR positions in the local area, as he was waiting to hear back about his UI claim.

After much preparation, Acosta interviewed for a DVOP position at the Garden Grove OC Workforce Solutions Office and sent the interview panel thank you cards and emails, per his veteran representatives’ advice. They also reminded Acosta to contact his references and make sure they answered their phones in a timely manner as well.

Acosta received a conditional job offer pending a background investigation and conveyed his appreciation to Arrunategui and Cagle for their help throughout his work search process. Both veteran EPRs were very excited about the news and happy for their newest team member to join them. Acosta starts his new veteran EPR position in October 2022.

This success story could arguably be attributed to the combined efforts of the EDD veteran staff in providing ongoing employment assistance and guidance to a deserving veteran. But ultimately, this success belongs to Acosta, who through diligence and a will to persevere in his re-employment efforts, has joined EDD in this new capacity. Now that he’s achieved his immediate employment goal, Acosta can now turn his attention to his ultimate objective of helping other job-seeking veterans achieve their goals as well.