Submit Supporting Documentation (WOTC)

Please submit supporting documentation only if you have received a Request for Additional Information (RAI) from the WOTC Center to determine an applicant’s eligibility.

There are three methods to submit supporting documentation:

  • RightFax - a WOTC paperless fax and e-mail solution
  • WOTC Support E-mail
  • Mail

RightFax - a WOTC paperless Fax and E-Mail Solution

RightFax is the preferred and most secure method for submitting supporting documentation. It combines fax, e-mail, and internet technologies. RightFax reduces exposure to risk by securely delivering documents in compliance with key regulations such as HIPAA, ARRA, Gramm-Leach Bliley, Basel II, and SOX.

Instructions for using RightFax:

  • All RightFax submissions must include a coversheet obtained from the WOTC center to allow proper application matching.
  • Include a copy of the original Request for Additional Information (RAI) letter with requested documentation.
  • If responding to RAIs older than one year, include a copy of the original paper application OR include the eWOTC application ID number on the coversheet.

RightFax Number: 916-449-2171

Do not fax Disability Insurance or Paid Family Leave documents to this number.

To be accepted by the WOTC Center, a Supporting Documentation Coversheet must always be included. Contact the WOTC Center at 1-866-593-0173 or to request a coversheet.

WOTC Support E-mail

When an e-mail pertains to a specific case, please reference the following in the subject line of the e-mail:

  • Application ID,
  • FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number), and
  • Employee’s last name.

Important Security Reminder:
For your protection, if you are sending us an e-mail through third party e-mail software (e.g., Yahoo, GMail, Outlook), please do not include confidential information such as account numbers, passwords, or Social Security numbers.


Mail to:
Employment Development Department
Attn: WOTC Center
2901 50th Street
Sacramento, CA 95817