California Invests in the Success of the Farmworkers Advancement Program


NR No. 24-21
Contact: Loree Levy/Greg Lawson

What You Need to Know: California is investing in farmworkers by providing support to the Farmworkers Advancement Program that offers training to farmworkers to pursue careers with higher wages in agriculture and other industries. This 100 percent federally-funded grant of nearly $1 million provides technical assistance to 12 organizations implementing farmworker-training programs across the state. 

SACRAMENTO – The Employment Development Department (EDD) announced today it has awarded $962,701.50 to Jobs for the Future (JFF), an organization dedicated to providing guidance and support by helping farmworkers secure stable employment across diverse industries. JFF will use the grant funds to provide ongoing coaching, consultation, and personalized support to 12 organizations who received a total of $9 million in February 2024 through the Farmworkers Advancement Program grant opportunity. JFF will build connections between awardees, state officials, and other organizations, to establish long-term, successful networks dedicated to the advancement of farmworkers.

“When farmworkers succeed, California succeeds,” said EDD Director Nancy Farias. “This funding will help ensure these vital programs have everything they need to advance the careers of farmworkers to ultimately strengthen our economy and our communities.”

A farmer using drones to over his field.

JFF has been a leader for 40 years, successfully providing creative solutions that provide access to economic advancement. The organization has experience assisting with initiatives related to equity and job quality as well as providing virtual instruction and training.

“Jobs for the Future welcomes the opportunity to provide technical assistance to the grantees of the Farmworkers Advancement Program. This work aligns closely with JFF’s North Star and our goal in California to increase access to quality jobs for people facing systemic barriers to advancement,” said Parina Parikh, Associate Vice President of the Workforce & Regional Economies practice leading California initiatives at JFF. “We’re eager to partner with the State of California and the grantees to build inclusive, equitable career pathways and strong regional economies.”

In coordination with the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency, the EDD awarded funding through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Governor’s Discretionary Fund for the Farmworkers Advancement Program Technical Assistance and Developmental Evaluation Solicitation for Proposals, Program Year 2023-24.

This grant is 100 percent federally funded by a grant award totaling $962,701.50 from the U.S. Department of Labor.

For more information about JFF and its programs, contact Parina Parikh at 1-312-550-5655 or