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The best reason to work for the Employment Development Department (EDD) is the intangible benefit you get from helping millions of employees, claimants, job seekers, and employers.

Did you know the EDD is one of the largest State of California Departments with roughly 200 locations statewide? Our diverse network of locations, programs, and services means you have many career opportunities in a variety of fields. To learn more about our branches, programs, services, and jobs, visit our Life pages on LinkedIn.

We now offer telework options for many of our positions! Check the position’s Job Positing and Duty Statement on CalCareers to determine what flexibility options may be available.



Benefits of Working at the EDD

At the EDD, we pride ourselves in being able to provide our staff unbeatable work-life balance. As we strive to build the Golden State’s economy by connecting millions of job seekers with employers, we strive to enhance the lives of our employees.

We celebrate our communities as we encourage staff participation in neighborhood walks, visits to the farmers’ market, volunteer opportunities, and our very own annual Diversity Fair.

Most State of California employment offers a strong benefits package including a retirement and savings plan, health, dental, and vision insurance, and access to long-term disability and care insurance. Additional information about benefits can be found on the CalHR Benefits page.

Advancement Opportunities

We encourage a win-win culture focused on continuous learning. As you improve your skills and advance your career, we improve our programs and service to others. To learn more about career pathways and promotional opportunities, contact us at

As one of the largest tax collectors, some of our largest areas for recruitment are in accounting, auditing, and tax administration. With a finance background, you can join the team by providing internal support, or working directly with our customers out in the field. If you have experience in accounting, auditing, creating financial reports, compliance or tax processing, then the EDD may have the perfect opportunity for you.

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The EDD works with external customers in many arenas, such as our Disability Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, and workforce services offices. With these program-specific positions, extensive training is provided. We look for candidates who have the ability to learn and a passion for providing the best service. If you enjoy being able to work directly with customers, this may be a great fit for you.

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Positions in this category primarily provide internal support to our department. Whether that is enforcing policy, organizational planning, personnel, or creating and carrying out procedures, the roles here are limitless. We offer entry-level positions for all of our branches. As you gain experience with us, we encourage you to move forward into the specific knowledge areas that best suit your interests such as payroll, employee rights, information distribution, or personnel management.

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With offices that serve more than 18 million California workers, our Information Technology (IT) team is steadily growing as the EDD continues to improve our digital platforms. Whether you are looking to provide internal support or hoping to make strides in our public-facing services, we are sure that you can find a great opportunity with us. We offer positions in a variety of IT fields such as business technology management, client services, information security engineering, digital marketing, software engineering and system engineering.

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Career Executive Assignment

A Career Executive Assignment (CEA) is a high-level classification within state civil service. CEA positions are members of the EDD executive team and are responsible for developing and implementing policy.

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