Unemployment Data Dashboards

The EDD releases weekly data dashboards to illustrate the continued demand for unemployment benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Unemployment Data Dashboard Report is a biweekly update of the EDD’s progress to meet the demand for unemployment services (Assembly Bill 107).
  • Unemployment Initial Claims Backlog refers to a subset of all applications for benefits that take more than 21 days to issue a first payment or to disqualify the individual, regardless of if the claimant or EDD need to take some kind of action.
  • Unemployment Continued Claims Backlog refers to a subset of all individuals who received at least one payment and are now waiting more than 21 days for further processing of payment or disqualification.

Claims Backlog

Additional Resources

  • Unemployment Claims Totals displays the weekly totals of the unemployment claims received and the amount of benefits paid for each type of claim (regular, PUA, PEUC, and FED-ED).
  • Refer to UI claims trend data (XLS) for each major data category beginning with data over the last several weeks.
  • Visit Quick Stats for UI claims data by county, which is generally a month behind state data. Localized data will be posted when available.