Mass Layoffs and Wages Notices

A Wages Notice gives us general information about an employee’s separation status and the payments they will receive when they become unemployed.


Wages Notices help the EDD:

  • Speed up the claim-filing process for impacted employees.
  • Determine if any post-employment payments will affect a claimant’s unemployment insurance benefits.
  • Reduce the amount of calls to employers for wage and separation information.

Wages Notices Criteria

A Wages Notice can be issued if all of the following are met:

  • There is a definite or indefinite layoff including a reduction in force, closures, holiday or vacation shutdowns, etc.
  • The layoff affects 10 or more employees.
  • The employer will pay the affected employees post-employment payments such as any earned but unused vacation pay, paid time off, or accrued sick leave. (This does not include severance pay, pensions, bonuses, wage continuation, or in–lieu–of–notice pay.)

Request a Wages Notice

Request a Wages Notice for your company by visiting Forms and Publications and completing one or more of the applicable Wages Notice Request forms.