Report Refusal of Work

People receiving unemployment benefits must remain available for work and actively seek employment. If suitable employment is offered to someone receiving unemployment benefits, they must accept unless there is good cause to refuse the offer.

Review the Benefit Determination Guide for more information about suitable work.

How to Report Refusal of Work

If someone receiving unemployment benefits refuses a job offer, we must determine if the employment was suitable and if there was good cause to refuse.

As an employer, you can use Ask EDD to report their refusal to work. In Ask EDD:

  1. Select Unemployment Insurance for category.
  2. Select Employer Inquiry for subcategory.
  3. Select Report Refusal of Work for topic.

Review How to Report a Job Refusal Using Ask EDD (YouTube).

What the EDD Does with Your Report

We will review your report to determine if:

  • The job fit their skill set and you were ready for them to start work.
  • They received enough information about the offer.
  • They were offered the job verbally; by mail, email, fax, or internet; or through a union referral.
  • The offer was genuine, clear, and made by someone with the authority to hire.
  • The offer was made to someone who has never worked for you or is being rehired.

We will also review the job refusal with the individual to gather information such as:

  • The risk to their health and safety or morals.
  • Their prior training, experiences, and wages.
  • Their length of unemployment and prospects of securing local work in their usual occupation.
  • The distance of the job from their residence.