Disabled Veteran Elevates His Job Search

Willie Stone is a disabled Army National Guard veteran who has worked hard in the security industry making ends meet for his family. That was until his former employer stopped issuing shifts for him. The sudden stoppage of work after 24 years of experience as a security guard was difficult, and Willie needed to find work immediately. Due to his wife’s health issues, he needed to act quickly. Willie reached out to the Redding area America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM (AJCC) where he met Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program specialists Michael Cogle and Chris Robertson.

“I was led to the AJCC through the many years living in California, and two of my children had gotten jobs through the AJCC,” said Stone.

Michael provided a number of services to assist Willie in his job search, including working with him to update his resume and looking for employment opportunities. During his search, Michael came across a security position at the Northern California Veterans Cemetery in Igo, California, which Willie was very interested in applying for. Michael helped Willie navigate the CalCareers website and complete the application process for the position, which included taking a test and sending it to a specified human resources contact.

During the waiting period for the job, Michael attended a funeral at the Northern California Veterans Cemetery where he spoke with the manager at the cemetery and gave a recommendation for Willie.

“The Northern California Veterans Cemetery called me and asked if I would like to interview for the part-time security guard position and I said sure,” said Stone. “During the interview, they asked me several questions and I had all the right experience.”

For Chris, helping Willie get an offer for this position is what his passion is all about.

“I just retired from the Marine Corps after 23 years of service,” Robertson said. I wanted to continue to work with veterans.”

Willie is thrilled to be in his new position.

“I don't feel I could have gotten this job without the help of the AJCC and the veteran representatives.” said Stone.

His advice for other veterans looking to get back into the workforce would be to “stay proactive and acquire the right skills.”

Stories like Willie Stone’s serve as reminders that California job seekers hoping to gain employment or make a career change have tremendous resources and assistance at their disposal thanks to the many helpful individuals who make up the state’s Workforce Development System.