CalJOBS Appointment Feature

Workforce Services Information Notice

Issued: May 10, 2021

CalJOBS has released a new appointment feature within the appointment calendar. The appointment feature can be used by staff, individuals, and employers.

Below are the steps required for setting up and utilizing the appointment feature in CalJOBS:

  1. Staff set up the desired visit reasons and set their availability.
  2. Individuals or employers search for and request an appointment with their case manager or staff within their default Local Workforce Development Area.
  3. Staff approve the appointment and select the preferred appointment type.

The attached CalJOBS Appointment Feature Guide Card provides step-by-step instructions to assist staff with using the appointment feature. The guide card shows steps from both a staff and individual’s perspective to ensure staff are able to assist individuals in scheduling appointments as well.

For more information or if there are questions regarding the appointment feature, please contact the CalJOBS Operations Unit at or by calling 1-916-653-0202.

Central Office Workforce Services Division


Last Revised: 01/25/2022