New Eligibility Option in CalJOBS

Workforce Services Information Notice

Issued: April 1, 2021

The Adult Basic Career (ABC) Eligibility option was added to the CalJOBSSM Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title I program application to make eligibility determinations easier for individuals without authorization to work. The ABC Eligibility option will eliminate ineligible determinations from happening in instances where an individual does not have valid authorization to work, but could be eligible for certain career services under the local Authorization to Work policy.

Local Workforce Development Areas (Local Area) are required to have an Authorization to Work policy as outlined in Workforce Services Directive Pathway to Services, Referral, and Enrollment (WSD18-03) (PDF). America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM (AJCC) staff should consult with their local policy to determine when AJCC staff should verify an individual’s authorization to work documentation. Furthermore, Local Areas are strongly encouraged to use the ABC Eligibility option in alignment with their local authorization to work policy.

If you have questions regarding the ABC Eligibility option, contact the Program Reporting and Analysis Unit at

If you have questions regarding authorization to work verification, contact your Regional Advisor.

Central Office Workforce Services Division

Last Revised: 01/24/2022