EDD Awards $7.9 million to Train At-Risk, Underrepresented Youth for Careers in Emergency Services


NR No. 23-18
Contact: Loree Levy/Aubrey Henry

SACRAMENTO – The California Employment Development Department (EDD) announced today it has awarded $7.9 million to Public Works Alliance to facilitate the development, implementation, and operations of emergency medical services (EMS) recruitment and training programs across the State of California. These programs aim to recruit disconnected young adults from marginalized and underrepresented communities throughout California who have historically faced significant barriers to employment and community services.

“This innovative new state program will provide essential training to equip California’s future first responders with the skills necessary to develop lasting careers,” said EDD Director Nancy Farias. “At the same time, it will provide new pathways to economic opportunity for some of our state’s most vulnerable populations.”

This new state investment is inspired by the highly-successful Alameda County EMS Corps program, and will create new EMS recruitment and training programs in up to 10 additional regions throughout the state. With this initial funding, Public Works Alliance will be responsible for identifying potential service areas and project partners, and assisting in the development, implementation, and facilitation of Targeted EMS Corps program sites. Public Works Alliance will also serve as the intermediary between program awardees in the forthcoming Targeted EMS Corps Program solicitation for proposals and state government stakeholders such as the EDD and the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency.

BIGGER PICTURE: This program is part of the more than $1 billion contained in the recent state budget to support the next generation of health care workers in California. Through investments like today’s, the State aims to build a health care workforce that represents California’s diverse communities and provides people with the quality care they deserve, while addressing the growing workforce shortages throughout the state’s health and human services system.

Public Works Alliance was selected through a competitive application and evaluation process. Refer to the table below for the organization’s contact information to learn more about the services available with these funds.

Awardee County Award Amount Contact
Public Works Alliance Santa Barbara $7,934,375 Jeff Metcalfe