EDD awards $1 million to enhance the English Language Learners Integrated Education and Training Program


NR No. 24-07
Contact: Loree Levy/Aubrey Henry

SACRAMENTO – The Employment Development Department (EDD) announced today it has awarded $1 million to International Rescue Committee, Inc., (IRC), which will provide technical assistance and continuous improvement services to a portfolio of English Language Learner (ELL) Integrated Education and Training programs across California. These programs help ELLs gain equitable access to high-quality jobs. The grant will be used to assist eight funding recipients that were awarded a total of $17.9 million in August 2023 from the ELL Integrated Education and Training Fund for Program Year 2022-23.

“This funding supports the technical assistance needed to ensure programs are developed with the most effective and meaningful strategies available to help English language learners overcome employment barriers and thrive,” said EDD Director Nancy Farias.

“IRC looks forward to supporting these projects in delivering excellent, high-quality programs and enabling all stakeholders to continuously learn and improve our efforts to empower English language learners to develop the skills they need to drive California’s economy forward,” said Erica Bouris, Senior Director at IRC. “These programs play such a critical role in helping California build an inclusive, welcoming, and equitable workforce that can expand economic opportunity for all.”

IRC will provide guidance and support to program grantees to increase their knowledge, skills, and capacity to develop, implement, and sustain high-quality education and training programs that effectively serve diverse ELL communities in their regions. IRC’s approach will include coaching and training to help grantees expand their projects and enhance course offerings and workforce opportunities for participants. IRC will also evaluate the success of the program by capturing key information about the individual program models, partners, and approaches, and by documenting key activities for each site.

IRC has significant experience providing technical assistance to federal, state, and local partners. The organization serves more than 150,000 diverse individuals annually in 30 cities across the U.S., including in seven California cities, with more than 95 percent of those served being ELLs.

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File photos of English Language Learner Integrated Education and Training program workers helping Californians.


Grant funding was provided through General Funds made available by Governor Gavin Newsom and administered by the EDD and the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency.

IRC was selected through a competitive application and evaluation process. Please contact Erica Bouris, Senior Director at IRC, to learn more about the services available with these funds.

Erica Bouris
1-212-551-3000 5348
University Avenue, Suite 205
San Diego, CA 92105