Disability Insurance - SDI Plans

SDI Services and Information:

The Disability Insurance Branch of the California Employment Development Department (EDD) administers three SDI plans:

  • State Plan. The majority of employees in California are covered by this plan, and most of the information provided on the Disability Insurance portion of this site pertains to the State Plan. For information on other plans, see Voluntary Plans.
  • Voluntary Plan (VP). This is a private plan, approved by the EDD, which may be substituted for the State Plan. Employers and employee groups may apply to the EDD for approval of VP if the majority of employees and the employer agree to do so. If you are covered by a VP, the provisions of this site may not apply to you. Obtain information about your coverage and file a voluntary plan claim through your employer.
  • Elective Coverage. Employers and self-employed persons, including general partners, may elect coverage. However, the method of computing benefits for elective coverage participants is not the same as for employees whose coverage by the State Plan is mandated. The cost of participating, which is set annually, can be obtained by contacting your local EDD Employment Tax Office.

    Individuals in family employment not subject to the California Unemployment Insurance Code may also elect coverage at the same rate as employees covered by the State Plan and with the same benefits as the State Plan.

    Elective Coverage claims are filed in the same manner as State Plan claims; however, there are some differences in the premiums and benefits offered. For additional information or to apply for coverage, contact:

    EDD Disability Insurance Customer Service at 1-800-480-3287 (TTY users dial the California Relay Service at 711) or call the EDD Taxpayer Assistance Center at 1-888-745-3886.