Workforce Services Directives

Our Directives provide policy and guidance about various program requirements, funding, and activities. These Directives are for our Workforce Services staff and Workforce Partners.

You’ll find a list of all currently active Directives organized by Program Year and Draft Directives open for comment and closed for comment.

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WSD 23

  • WSD23-09 - Employment Service Complaint System
  • WSD23-08 - Stipends and Incentive Payments
  • WSD23-07 - Eligibility for State Funded Grant Programs
  • WSD23-06 - WIOA Title III W-P Colocation Requirements
  • WSD23-05 - Comprehensive, Affiliate, and Specialized AJCC Certification
  • WSD23-04 - WIOA 15 Percent Governor’s Discretionary Funds
  • WSD23-03 - Performance Guidance
  • WSD23-02 - 70 Percent LLSIL and Poverty Guidelines for 2023
  • WSD23-01 - Operational Guidance for National Dislocated Worker Grants


  • WSD22-15 - WIOA Data Validation Source Documentation
  • WSD22-14- Local Area Subsequent Designation and Local Board Recertification PY 23-25
  • WSD22-13 - Selection of AJCC Operators and Career Services Providers
  • WSD22-12 - WIOA Waiver Guidance
  • WSD22-11 - High Performing Boards
  • WSD22-10 - Salary and Bonus Limitations for 2023
  • WSD22-09 - Transfer of Funds – WIOA Adult/Dislocated Worker Programs
  • WSD22-08 - ETPL Reciprocal Agreements
  • WSD22-07 - Debt Collection
  • WSD22-06 - Audit Resolution
  • WSD22-05 - Regional and Local Planning Guidance for PY 21-24 Two-Year Modifications
  • WSD22-04 - WIOA Data Validation
  • WSD22-02 - Standards for Oversight and Instructions for Substate Monitoring


  • WSD21-05 - Consultant Services and Pay
  • WSD21-04 - Criminal Record Restrictions and Impact Based on Race and Nationality
  • WSD21-03 - ETPL Policy and Procedures


  • WSD20-12 - Incident Reporting
  • WSD20-11 - Pseudo Social Security Number in CalJOBS
  • WSD20-10 - CalJOBS Participant Reporting
  • WSD20-09 - Youth Service Eligible Provider List
  • WSD20-04 - Local Area Modification Process
  • WSD20-03 - Audits Requirements
  • WSD20-02 - Calculating Local Area Performance and Nonperformance
  • WSD20-01 - WIOA Regional Planning Units


  • WSD19-14 - Emergency Cooperation Agreements
  • WSD19-11 - State Level Performance Goals and Local Area Negotiations
  • WSD19-10 - Recovery of WIOA Tuition and Training Refunds
  • WSD19-09 - Strategic Co-Enrollment – Unified Plan Partners
  • WSD19-08 - CalJOBS Roles and Responsibilities – Local Area MIS Administrator
  • WSD19-06 - CalJOBS Activity Codes
  • WSD19-05 - Monthly and Quarterly Financial Reporting Requirements
  • WSD19-04 - Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses
  • WSD19-02 - Worker Displacement Prohibition
  • WSD19-01 - Incumbent Worker Training


  • WSD18-17 - Federal Bonding Program
  • WSD18-16 - Guidance on Regional Awards
  • WSD18-15 - Indirect Cost Rates
  • WSD18-12 - WIOA Memorandums of Understanding
  • WSD18-10 - WIOA Training Expenditure Requirement
  • WSD18-09 - Services and Referrals to Victims of Human Trafficking
  • WSD18-06 - Subrecipient and Contractor Distinctions
  • WSD18-05 - WIOA Grievance and Complaint Resolution Procedures
  • WSD18-03 - Pathway to Services, Referral, and Enrollment
  • WSD18-02 - Data Change Request Form Procedure
  • WSD18-01 - Regional and Local Plans PY 17-21 – Two Year Modifications


  • WSD17-10 - Addition of the CalJOBS Title III – Wagner-Peyser Registered Individual Application
  • WSD17-09 - Mandated Use of VOSGreeter Module in CalJOBS
  • WSD17-08 - Procurement of Equipment and Related Services
  • WSD17-07 - WIOA Youth Program Requirements
  • WSD17-06 - Organizational Information Change
  • WSD17-05 - Oversight and Monitoring of Nondiscrimination and EO Procedures
  • WSD17-03 - Limited English Proficiency
  • WSD17-01 - Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Procedures


  • WSD16-23 - Mandated Use of One Integrated Data System – Direct Data Key Entry into CalJOBS
  • WSD16-18 - Selective Service Registration
  • WSD16-17 - CalJOBS Cash Request
  • WSD16-16 - Allowable Costs and Prior Written Approval
  • WSD16-15 - Dislocated Worker Additional Assistance Projects
  • WSD16-12 - Reauthorization of the WOTC Program
  • WSD16-10 - Property – Purchasing, Inventory, and Disposal
  • WSD16-08 - Release of Confidential UI Information
  • WSD16-05 - WIOA Closeout Requirements
  • WSD16-04 - Rapid Response and Layoff Aversion Activities
  • WSD16-03 - Unilateral De-Obligation


  • WSD15-26 - Subsidized Employment and Employee Benefits
  • WSD15-25 - WIOA Program Income
  • WSD15-20 - FFATA Compensation Data Reporting Requirements
  • WSD15-19 - Revised Amendment to PY 2015-16 RR Allocations and Guidance on Use of these Funds for WIOA Transition Activities
  • WSD15-14 - WIOA Adult Program Priority of Service
  • WSD15-09 - Impact of WIOA Implementation on Waivers Approved Under WIA
  • WSD15-08 - Funds Utilization Requirements for WIOA Funds


  • WSD14-15 - WIOA and TAA Co-Enrollment Policy and Procedures
  • WSD14-10 - Initial Local Area Designation and Local Board Certification Under WIOA
  • WSD14-04 - WIA Title I Eligibility


  • WSD13-13 -Contracts with Higher Education or Eligible Training Providers


  • WIAD04-22 - State-Required Surveys of Dislocated Workers

The following Directives have been issued in draft to give the workforce community the opportunity to review and comment prior to final issuance. All Draft Directives contain General Instructions which provide details on how to submit comments and when they are due.

Draft Directives that are closed for comment are listed here for informational purposes until the guidance is finalized.

Once a Directive is finalized, it will be available on the Active Directives tab.

Draft Directive Number Title Comments Due


LLSIL and Poverty Guidelines August 8, 2024
WSDD-258 CalJOBSSM Activity Codes May 11, 2024
WSDD-255 Local Area MIS Administrator and WSB CalJOBS SPOC Roles and Responsibilities February 29, 2024
WSDD-254 CalJOBS System Access February 16, 2024
WSDD-252 WIOA Waiver Guidance December 30, 2023
WSDD-249 WIOA Title I Eligibility Technical Assistance Guide August 12, 2023
WSDD-228 Adult Program Priority of Service August 24, 2021
WSDD-178 Quality Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Opportunity April 10, 2018

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