EDD Veterans Day campaign celebrates those who have served our country and provides them veteran-focused employment resources


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Contact: Loree Levy/Aubrey Henry

Veterans services webpage features success stories and veteran jobs report

Video success stories available via the EDD YouTube channel.

SACRAMENTO – Veterans Day is our nation’s annual recognition honoring former military members and the immeasurable sacrifices they have made on behalf of our country. In accordance with Veterans Day, the Employment Development Department (EDD) is highlighting employment resources we provide to veterans statewide to help them in their transition from military service to the civilian workforce.

The EDD’s 2023 Strengthening California’s Veteran Workforce webpage features valuable veteran-focused employment information and resources, along with video success stories showing how veterans, and employers who hired veterans, used EDD services to find and achieve career employment.

“We are proud of the role we play in helping California veterans connect with employers who value their unique professional skills and service-related qualities,” said EDD Director, Nancy Farias. “Our annual Veterans Day campaign highlights the many veteran-specific programs we provide to help launch post-military careers.”

The EDD has also released its annual Veterans in the Workforce Report, highlighting the latest data on veteran employment in California, including the industries hiring veterans, the jobs veterans are performing, and the skills and education veterans possess to meet employer needs.

"At CalVet, it is both our privilege and our duty to employ every available resource to facilitate servicemembers’ transitions and support veterans’ futures,” remarked Secretary Lindsey Sin, a U.S. Navy veteran. “We deeply appreciate the invaluable support and services provided by EDD to California's nearly 1.6 million veterans. Our veterans are entitled to nothing less than the very best as they build their futures after military service.”  

California’s veteran workforce and unique qualities

California is home to approximately 1.4 million veterans who comprise approximately eight percent of the national veteran population. As of December 2022, approximately 576,600 California veterans were employed, with the majority working in jobs closely tied to their previous military careers, such as professional and related occupations (162,200). This category includes computer and mathematical, healthcare practitioners, legal, and postsecondary teaching occupations. Other most common jobs include management, business, and financial (118,100); service (77,800); and transportation and material moving (46,500) occupations.

California’s veteran workforce is composed of 89 percent men (1.26 million) and 11 percent women (123,600). Approximately 64 percent of California veterans (883,700) were 55 years and older, while 25 percent were between ages 35 and 54 (344,000); nine percent were aged 25 to 34 (130,100); and two percent were aged 18 to 24 (25,500).

Some of the latest research on veterans in the workforce suggest that employers value a variety of veterans’ unique skills, training, and abilities they can bring to the workplace. Their military experience has helped hone technical and soft skills such as their ability to successfully manage high-pressure situations, proactively handle tasks and workflows, and effectively create outside of the box solutions to business problems. Veterans are also known for working efficiently within an organizational system.

The state’s economy is generating good opportunities for veterans. California’s top 10 occupations with the most job openings are expected to generate nearly 1.3 million total job openings between 2022 and 2024, which bodes well for veterans seeking to find work within those industries.

Available services for veterans:

  • Local EDD employment representatives at America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM locations throughout the state provide job and career assistance to veterans. These veteran representatives work one-on-one and provide specialized assistance to veterans with significant barriers to employment.
  • CalJOBSSM is EDD’s online labor exchange system and helps veterans translate their military training and specialties into marketable skills applicable to civilian jobs. Veterans will be directed to employers with job openings that match their military experience.

Additional services for employers:

  • Local EDD employment representatives at America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM locations work with employers and help match their employment needs with qualified veterans.
  • CalJOBSSM is available to employers to post job openings. Employers can also refine their candidate searches to focus on veterans.
  • The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program provides employers a tax credit for hiring veterans who face special obstacles as they try to reenter the workforce.

Latest veteran focused grant funding administered by EDD:

  • Able-Disabled Advocacy, Inc. ($1,186,652.00); Employment Social Enterprise Program PY 22-23 (See award listing)
  • Inter-City Services (ISV) $500,000); Equity and Special Populations Program Grant Program PY 21-22 (See award listing)
  • Vietnam Veterans of San Diego (VSD) ($1,200,000); Equity and Special Populations Program Grant Program PY 21-22 (See award listing)
  • Interfaith Community Services ($783,008); Equity Target Population Fund PY 22-23 (See award listing)

Media Video Package:

  • Video success stories are available that demonstrate how the EDD and its partners help train, prepare, and connect California veterans with employers who value their unique skills.
  • Social Media: The EDD’s Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram channels will post veteran-focused content including informational posts and testimonials explaining how EDD and partner programs and resources assist veterans and how to connect with those services.