FAQs - Benefit Programs Online


In June, myEDD will be replacing Benefit Programs Online. myEDD is a simple and more secure way to access our benefit services.

With myEDD, we have increased security to your account by adding two login verification methods.

Your Benefit Programs Online (BPO) account will automatically be transferred to myEDD. When logging into myEDD for the first time, use your existing BPO email and password.

  1. Log in to your myEDD account.
  2. Select a security question and enter your answer.
  3. Select your login verification method.
  4. Enter your verification code.
  5. Select myEDD Home.

General Information

Benefit Programs Online (BPO) is a secure web portal you can use to access SDI Online, UI OnlineSM, and Benefit Overpayment Services.

Anyone with a personal email address can create a Benefit Programs Online account. New accounts go through a secondary registration process to use UI Online, SDI Online, and Benefit Overpayment Services.

Note for UI Online Customers: You must have an Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim and your EDD Customer Account Number to register for a UI Online account. Visit UI Online for more information.


To register for Benefit Programs Online, you need to:

  • Provide a personal, non-shared email address.
  • Provide a password.
  • Select a personal image.
  • Provide a personal caption.
  • Select and answer four security questions.

Note: There are more requirements in the secondary registration for  UI Online, SDI Online, and Benefit Overpayment Services.

Yes. Benefit Programs Online is mobile friendly.