Mailed Check


Mailed Check



Receive checks by mail and decide when and where you deposit or cash them.


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No fees to receive your check by mail.

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Privacy and control of your personal bank information.

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Deposit anytime and anywhere by ATM, at your preferred bank, or cash it at a location of your choosing.

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No personal bank account required.


How to Get Payments by Check

  1. Log in to your myEDD account and select UI Online.
  2. Select the Register or Manage button.
  3. Select Profile.
  4. Locate Benefit Payment Option, then select Update Your Payment Option.
  5. Select Mailed Checks, then Save.

Note: Benefit payment options can be updated in UI Online any day between 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.

  1. Log in to your myEDD account, then select SDI Online.
  2. Select Profile.
  3. Locate Benefit Payment Option, then select Edit Payment Option.
  4. Select Mailed Checks, then Save.

Note: Benefit payment options can be updated in SDI Online any day between 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.

When to Expect Your Payment

Payments arrive within 7-10 days after you certify for benefits and are found eligible. If you do not receive a payment contact us.

Note: Holidays and weekends will delay your payment until the next business day.

Estimated Payment Timeline
Holiday Day You Certify Expected Deposit Date

Independence Day
Thursday, July 4, 2024

June 30, 2024

By Wednesday,
July 3, 2024

Labor Day
Monday, September 2, 2024
September 1, 2024.
By Thursday,
September 5, 2024
Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 28, 2024
November 24, 2024
By Wednesday,
November 27, 2024

How to Report a Change of Address

The fastest and easiest way to update your contact information (address, phone number, email address) is through myEDD.

  1. Log in to myEDD and select UI Online.
  2. Select Personal Profile.
  3. Select Contact Information to update your information.
  1. Log in to myEDD and select SDI Online.
  2. Select  Profile from the homepage.
  3. Select the contact information you want to update.
  4. Enter the new information, then select Save.

Replace a Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Check

If the check has been lost or stolen, and you need a replacement, contact us.

Uncashed or Unclaimed Checks

Checks are valid for one year. To replace a check that is:


Still have questions? We've got you. Check out our benefit payment options FAQs.