Voluntary Quit VQ 440 – Fact Finding Guide

Working Conditions

  1. Did the claimant have an express or implied contact of hire, such as a union collective bargaining agreement?
  2. Was the claimant's situation addressed in written company policy or personnel practices?
  3. Did the agreement address the claimant's complaint?
  4. Was the agreement breached? By whom? In what manner?
  5. Did the claimant file a grievance or otherwise advise the employer that the conditions were unacceptable?
  6. How were the claimant's conditions more onerous than those of other employees?
  7. How had the circumstances changed since the agreement of hire?
  8. Was discriminatory conduct aimed directly at the claimant?
  9. Was the claimant being disciplined for violating an employer rule?
  10. Was the employer's action harsh or retaliatory?
  11. If the quit resulted from sexual harassment:
    1. Were job opportunities dependent upon the granting of sexual favors?
    2. Was the work environment intimidating, hostile, or offensive?
    3. Was the claimant's objection reasonable under the circumstances?
    4. Was the complained of conduct unwelcome or consented to? If the conduct was originally two-way, did the claimant tell the harasser that his/her consent was being withdrawn?
    5. What steps did the claimant take to remedy the situation before quitting?

Last Revised: 01/19/2022