Voluntary Quit VQ 365 – Fact Finding Guide

Leaving for Other Work

  1. Was the claimant's primary reason for leaving to:
    • Seek other employment?
    • Accept other employment?
  2. If the claimant left to seek other employment:
    • Was the claimant working part-time, and did the part-time work keep the claimant from looking for full-time work?
    • Did the claimant have medical or other advice to leave the job? If "yes," see VQ 235, Health and Safety Considerations, or other applicable section.
  3. If the claimant left to accept other employment:
    • What prompted the claimant to leave at the time he/she left?
    • Was the new job definite, including terms and conditions of employment and starting date?
    • Was the new job substantially better?
    • Was the new job as permanent as the job the claimant left?
    • Would a reasonable person, genuinely desirous of retaining employment, have made the same choice?
  4. If the job was not initially better, would the job have been better over the long run?
    • Wages? (Consider ten percent increase as substantially better.)
    • Permanency?
    • Use of highest skills?

Last Revised: 01/19/2022