Voluntary Quit VQ 360 – Fact Finding Guide

Personal Affairs


  1. Was the claimant absent from work because he or she was incarcerated for more than 24 hours?
  2. Was the claimant found guilty of the offense for which he was incarcerated, or of a lesser included offense?
  3. Was the claimant incarcerated for inability to pay the fine, or for the offense itself?

Financial Difficulties

  1. What was the nature of the claimant's financial difficulty?
  2. Did the claimant have any reasonable alternative to leaving the job?
  3. How did the claimant improve his/her situation by leaving the job?

Legal and Business Affairs

  1. What was the nature of the legal or business affair?
  2. Would the claimant have suffered a substantial loss if the business were not taken care of personally by the claimant?
  3. Could the claimant have arranged professional or other assistance to take care of the business?
  4. Was there any reasonable alternative to quitting the job, such as a leave of absence? Did the claimant investigate the alternatives?


  1. Was the claimant working full-time or part-time for the regular employer?
  2. Was the regular employment permanent or temporary?
  3. What was the benefit to the claimant in quitting?
  4. What did the claimant hope to gain by quitting?
  5. Were there reasonable alternatives which could have gained the same objective?


  1. Why did the claimant elect to retire at the time he/she chose to retire?
  2. Was the claimant's health being affected by the job?
  3. Was the claimant offered an incentive to quit?
  4. Was the claimant's work being affected by advanced age, loss of skills, possibility of transfer or demotion, or some similar factor?

(Note: Voluntary Retirement also raises a question of availability, see AA 360.)

Last Revised: 01/19/2022