Voluntary Quit VQ 270 – Fact Finding Guide

Irresistible Compulsion to Use or Consume Intoxicants

  1. Has the claimant provided verification from a "competent professional" that he or she suffers from an irresistible compulsion to use or consume intoxicants? (If not, the issue should be resolved under Section 1256. Refer to the section of the BDG that discusses the basis for the quit.)
  2. If disqualified under Section 1256.5:
    1. Has the claimant been advised of State Disability Compensation?
    2. If requested by the claimant, has assistance been provided in locating a treatment program?
    3. If the claimant has entered treatment, has a competent professional verified that the claimant is continuing in or has completed treatment, andis now able to work?

Last Revised: 01/19/2022