Voluntary Quit VQ 155 – Fact Finding Guide

Domestic Circumstances

Care of Others

  1. Does the person for whose benefit the claimant quit, meet the definition of family?
  2. What was the nature of the claimant's obligation?
  3. Was the claimant's presence necessary or required?
  4. What steps did the claimant take to meet the obligation prior to quitting?
  5. Was a leave of absence available? Was a leave requested? If not, why not?
  6. If the claimant moved to care for someone else, was the claimant's presence required or necessary?
  7. If the claimant continued working after the move, was the commute the underlying reason for the quit?

See also, Leaves of Absence VQ 285 and Travel: Time, Distance and Cost Factors.

Domestic Harmony

  1. If the claimant left the employment to avoid the spouse, what actual necessity was there for leaving work?
  2. Had the claimant taken all reasonable steps, including obtaining a restraining order, before resorting to quitting?
  3. If the claimant quit because of domestic violence abuse, did an act or threat of abuse occur?
  4. Who was the victim of the domestic violence abuse? When did it occur?
  5. If the quit was to protect the claimant's children or the claimant against an act or threat of domestic violence abuse, is supporting evidence available?
  6. Why did an act or threat of domestic violence abuse cause the claimant to leave work?
  7. If the claimant quit to be married, what was the necessity for leaving work?
  8. If the marriage necessitated moving, was the new residence within commuting distance of work?
  9. If the marriage was delayed, what was the claimant's understanding of the imminence of the marriage at the time the claimant quit?
  10. If the claimant quit to accompany his or her nonmarital partner to another area, do they have a child in common?
  11. If the claimant quit to accompany his or her domestic partner to another area, are the partners registered with the California Secretary of State?
  12. Was the claimant forced to quit because he/she was a minor, under control of his/her parents?

Last Revised: 01/19/2022