e-Services for Business Updates and Enhancements

The Employment Development Department regularly updates e-Services for Business with new features and enhancements to make your experience easier and more convenient. For more information, visit e-Services for Business.

Below are the most recent updates to e-Services for Business:

December 2023 Updates

  • Updates to edit functionality for pending tax returns and wage reports.
  • Improved messaging for pending payments when deleting a saved payment source.
  • Enhanced payment design for a more user-friendly experience.
  • Simplified mobile design.

November 2022 Updates

  • Simplified design that uses action-driven steps, which improves usability by focusing on important and frequently-used functions and makes it easier to identify tasks requiring your attention.
  • Enhanced navigational structure that provides direct access to account related information, status, and actions.
  • New color schemes and improved responsive design.

April 2019 Updates

  • Improved payment and balance functionality.
  • Additional payment type options for certain employers.  

March 2019 Updates

  • New Protest Option to file an Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit charge or UI rate protest online.  

May 2018 Updates

  • Improved display of web submissions in the activity details.
  • New Express Pay Option for employers to make fast, easy, and secure Payroll Tax payments. No enrollment necessary.
  • New Earnings Withholding Order payment options for employers.

December 2017 Updates

  • Enhancements to settings, logons, activity center, and web submissions.
  • Improved correspondence and web submission functionality.
  • Redesigned page descriptions and messages for enhanced usability.

June 2017 Updates

  • Enhancements to security, settings, activity center, and web requests.
  • Redesigned Customer and Account pages for enhanced navigation and usability.
  • Improved page descriptions and instructions.
  • Full implementation of responsive design for mobile access.

April 2017 Updates

  • Improved layout for easier navigation.
  • Easier management of account settings and payment sources.
  • New alert links show items due for a specific filing period and allow users to make a payment or file a return.

October 2016 Updates

  • Simpler and more intuitive user interface.
  • Access to additional letters covering: registration, payments, returns, and much more.
  • Mobile-friendly design when viewing and making payments.
  • Option to view details and actions for a specific filing period.
    • Easier access to recent items.
    • Enhanced alerts to remind you when items are due, and much more.

March 2016 Updates

  • Remote Assistance allows an EDD representative to view your current e-Services for Business session.
  • Save and Continue allows you to save your Wage Report and continue to complete the form.
  • Alerts show you when there is a balance due or a return has been saved but not submitted.
  • I Want To… menu relocated to upper right of page for improved visibility.
  • More Options allows you to see more user options without navigating to a new page.
  • Account Cards will appear for users with access to less than six accounts, making navigation easier.

September 2015 Updates

  • Close Account allows you to close or reopen an account.
  • Update Account Info allows you to update your entity, your business name, responsible parties, and much more.
  • Other Requests allows you to request miscellaneous items such as adding a Power of Attorney.
  • I Want To… section relocated to upper right of page for improved visibility.
  • Profile tab will allow easy access to edit your profile.
  • Balance section will include a new at-a-glance feature to allow for quickly checking account status. Credits are indicated in green and debits are indicated in red.

October 2014 Updates

Registration application enhancements:

  • Step-by-step format with expanded instructions to guide you through the registration application.
  • Attach supporting documentation, which will allow all employer types to submit an online registration request.
  • Save partially completed registration requests for up to 30 days.
  • Check the status of an online registration request.
  • Submit a request to reopen a previously closed employer payroll tax account.
  • Immediate access to manage your account.
  • Access the new employer welcome packet through your e-Services for Business account.