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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Suitable Work SW 40 - Fact Finding Guide

Attendance at School or Training

  1. Would the prospective employment have conflicted with the claimant’s school attendance?
  2. Was it possible to adjust the terms of employment or the hours of school attendance to avoid conflict? Did the claimant pursue such an option?
  3. Is the claimant under any legal obligation to attend school? Are alternatives available and did the claimant pursue such options?
  4. Has the claimant been offered a job on the condition that he or she complete some type of training first?
  5. If the employer requires the claimant to attend training after hired:
    • Is the employer paying all costs?
    • Does the claimant receive at least minimum wage while in training?
    • Is the place of training or the hours and conditions of training such as to afford the claimant compelling reason to refuse?
  6. If the employer requires the claimant to attend training prior to starting work, is the employer compensating the claimant for time spent in training? If yes, an employment relationship exists and any leaving of the training is a separation issue. Refer to the section of the VQ or MC BDG that discusses the basis for leaving.