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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Miscellaneous MI 95 - Fact Finding Guide

Efforts to Seek Work

  1. What specific seek work instructions was the claimant given?
  2. How were the instructions given to the claimant? Did the claimant understand the instructions?
  3. Were the instructions reasonable considering the claimant’s individual circumstances?
  4. Did the claimant follow the Department’s instructions?
  5. If the claimant did not follow the Department’s instructions, what reason does the claimant give for not following the instructions?
  6. Does the claimant’s inadequate search for work indicate a potential availability issue?
  7. Is the claimant excluded from conducting an active effort to seek work on his or her own behalf?
    • Is the claimant a union member with a controlled hiring source?
    • Is the claimant attending Director approved training or retaining?
    • Is the claimant an apprentice in approved training?
    • Was the claimant serving on a jury?
    • Was the claimant hospitalized due to a life-threatening condition?