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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Miscellaneous MI 45 - Fact Finding Guide

False Statement

  1. Was the claimant or employer statement actually "false"?
  2. Is the false statement material to the decision?
  3. How does the claimant or employer explain the false statement?
  4. Was the misinformation given, or withheld innocently, wilfully, negligently, or with careless disregard for the truth?
  5. Is the explanation, concerning the circumstances surrounding the making of the false statement, inherently believable?
  6. Did the claimant or employer know the information was false at the time it was given?
  7. If the employer or claimant later discovered that false or misleading information was given, was an attempt made to correct the error?
  8. Could intent to defraud be implied from the claimant's actions or statements, or lack thereof?
  9. Has the claimant been assessed prior false statement disqualifications?