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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Miscellaneous MI 20 - Fact Finding Guide

The Waiting Period

  1. Has a waiting period already been served on this claim?
  2. If a waiting period has already been served:
    • Was the waiting period taken for a week in which the claimant was "otherwise eligible" for benefits?
    • If the week was not "otherwise eligible" for benefits, has the week been formally denied? (This is a separate disqualification from the waiting period disqualification, and will address the reason why the claimant is not "otherwise eligible.")
    • If formally denied, has the claimant filed an appeal?
    • Is there another payable, but unpaid week that can substitute for the week taken as the waiting period in error?
  3. If the waiting period has not been served:
    • Is the claim a new transitional claim? If yes:
    • Did the claimant receive any payment for the last week of the expiring claim? ({If so, the waiting period may be deferred as the claimant is claiming weeks in sequence.)
    • Did the claimant report before the effective date of the new claim, and would the claimant have been "otherwise eligible" for benefits for the last week on the expiring claim, except for the claim's benefit exhaustion? (If so, the waiting period may be deferred as a "Section 1254" claim).
    • Is the claim an additional or reopened (AC’d or RC’d) transitional claim? If yes:
    • Has the waiting period been served on this claim? (If the waiting period has not been served previously, it must be taken after the AC or RC is filed, provided the claimant is "otherwise eligible.")