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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Miscellaneous MI 10 - Fact Finding Guid

Time Requirements for Filing Claims

Backdating Request

  1. What effective date does the claimant request?
  2. On what date did the claimant first report to or contact the Department?
  3. Why did the claimant fail to file the claim during the prescribed time limit?

Untimely Continued Claim

  1. What week endings are on the continued claim?
  2. When was the last payment made?
  3. Was the continued claim reissued? If so, when was it reissued?
  4. When was the continued claim mailed?
  5. When was the continued claim received?
  6. Why was the continued claim submitted untimely?
  7. Was the claim submitted more than six weeks from the prescribed response date?
  8. Did the claimant intend to discontinue certifying?