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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Qualifying for a Training Extension (TE)

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A training extension provides additional benefits to individuals who have been approved for California Training Benefits (CTB), while completing school or training. Only one TE is allowed for each CTB approved training period.

How to Qualify for a Training Extension

To qualify for a TE, you must meet all of the following:

Note: The waiting period, which is generally the first week of your claim, is not considered a week of receiving benefits.

How to make a Timely Training Extension Inquiry

Ask the EDD about CTB to let us know if you are interested in attending school or training. To protect your potential right to a future training extension (TE), contact us before your 16th week of benefit payments. If the maximum award of your claim is less than 16 weeks of benefit payments, you must contact the EDD before your claim reaches a zero balance.

How to let the EDD know you are interested in CTB:

How is the Training Extension Calculated

A training extension is based on the regular UI claim in existence at the time you were approved for CTB. The weekly benefit amount (WBA) and the maximum benefit amount (MBA) for the training extension is the same as indicated on the Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award (DE 429Z) mailed to you when your claim was filed.

The following formula describes how the EDD calculates an approved training extension award (this is a general formula the EDD uses to calculate a TE, but the award may vary depending on the amount received on subsequent regular UI claims and/or federal extension claims):

Step 1: Multiply your CTB approved claim WBA by 52 weeks. (WBA x 52 weeks)
Step 2: Deduct your CTB approved claim MBA from the monetary amount calculated in Step 1. (Step 1 amount – MBA)
The balance from Step 2 will be your maximum benefit award under the approved training extension.

Example: If your WBA is $100 and your MBA is $2600.00, as indicated on your Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award (DE 429Z)
Step 1: $100 x 52 weeks = $5200.00.  
Step 2: $5200.00 - $2600.00 = $2600.00
$2600.00 is the amount that you potentially could receive on your EDD approved TE claim.    

Important: You will only receive TE benefits as long as you remain in CTB approved training and have a balance on your TE claim. However, if you qualify for a new UI claim while there is a balance on your TE, you must collect benefits on the new claim, even if the new claim has a lower WBA.

How will I know if I Qualify for a Training Extension

If you are determined eligible for CTB/TE, you will be mailed a Notice of Unemployment Insurance Determination (DE 1080CZ) informing you of requirements to maintain your CTB eligibility.

If you are not found eligible for CTB/TE, the EDD will mail a Notice of Unemployment Insurance Determination (DE 1080CZ) explaining why you did not qualify for CTB/TE and will inform you of your appeal rights.