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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Trade Dispute TD 240 - Fact Finding Guide

Employees on Layoff Status

Seasonal, Temporary, On Call, Extra, Furloughed Employees

  1. At the time of the layoff, was the claimant given a scheduled return to work date?
  2. At the time of the layoff, were any instructions given about when to report to work? If so, what were the instructions?
  3. When did the employer recall the claimant to work?
  4. How was the offer communicated to the claimant? Was it oral or written?
  5. Did the claimant receive the offer?
  6. Type of work offered? Wages offered? Hours of work?
  7. Is the work "new work" to the claimant?
  8. Is the job vacant due to the trade dispute?
  9. Did the claimant refuse the offer?
  10. If the claimant refused the offer, what was the reason for the refusal?