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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Suitable Work SW 90 - Fact Finding Guide

Conscientious Objection

  1. Did the claimant give more than one reason for the refusal?
  2. What work was required that the claimant found objectionable for conscientious reasons?
  3. Was the work directly in violation of the claimant’s belief, or only peripheral to it?
  4. Does the claimant make this belief a part of his or her daily life? If not, why not?
  5. Does the claimant’s search for work reflect an avoidance of the type of work involved in the refusal?
  6. In relation to the refusal, when did the claimant decide that he or she had the sincerely held belief? (If after the refusal, the basis for refusal is questionable.)
  7. Does the claimant belong to or support any organization which advocates or opposes the principles upon which his or her beliefs are based? (Such affiliation is not required, but does tend to indicate that the claimant’s beliefs are sincerely held.)