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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Suitable Work SW 500 - Fact Finding Guide

Wages and Time


  1. What wage does the prospective employment offer?
  2. What is the prevailing wage for that occupation?
  3. How does the offered wage compare with the prevailing wage?
  4. Why does the claimant consider the offered wage insufficient?
  5. Does the offered wage compare with the claimant’s prior earnings?
  6. Does the offered employment offer fringe benefits? If so, in what form?
  7. Does the offered employment guarantee overtime?
  8. If the method of payment is piece-rate or commission, has the claimant previously worked on this basis?
  9. Is piece-rate or commission a customary method of payment in the claimant’s occupation?
  10. Does the offered piece-rate or commission job offer a guaranteed minimum wage?
  11. Is the offered employment in the claimant’s usual occupation and labor market?
  12. How long has the claimant been unemployed and what are his or her prospects of work?


  1. Does the prospective employment require the claimant to work in excess of the number of hours per day or days per week permitted by law?
  2. What are the customary hours, days, or shifts worked in the claimant’s occupation?
  3. What hours or days are required by the prospective employment?
  4. Why does the claimant object to the prospective employment?