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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Suitable Work SW 150 - Fact Finding Guide

Travel: Time, Distance, and Cost

  1. Was the job referral or offer to suitable work?
  2. If the claimant did not have a vehicle, were other means of transportation available? Did the claimant attempt to determine what other arrangements were available?
  3. Was the claimant unwilling to use available transportation? Do the reasons constitute good cause?
  4. Was the job referral or offer within the customary travel distance for the claimant’s occupation and labor market area?
  5. If the claimant’s customary commuting pattern is different from that in his community and occupation, what is the reason?
  6. If the job offered was a split-shift, in what way did the distance, time, and cost affect the suitability of the job?
  7. How long had the claimant been in the labor market at the time of refusal?