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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Miscellaneous MI 5 - Fact Finding Guide

Claim Filing Requirements

  1. Has the claimant been asked to provide specified information needed to decide his or her eligibility?
  2. What information has the claimant failed to provide?
  3. What regulation requires the claimant to provide this information?
  4. Is the information required, to resolve whether a potentially disqualifying act or circumstance exists?
  5. Is the claimant able to provide the information? If so, why has the claimant failed to provide the information?
  6. Has the claimant been advised that the information is required, and that he or she will be denied benefits if the information is not provided?
  7. Is the information available in other Department records?
  8. What attempts has the Department made to find the information, or to assist the claimant in finding the information?
  9. If the specified information is not available, can a decision be issued based on the potentially disqualifying act or circumstance and a determination issued based on the related section of the Unemployment Insurance Code, rather than Section 1253(a)?