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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Joint Enforcement Strike Force (JESF) Combating California’s Underground Economy

What is JESF?

The JESF is a coalition of California State government enforcement agencies that work together and in partnership with local and federal agencies to combat the underground economy to ensure a level playing field for California businesses. The JESF’s goals are intended to help restore economic stability and to improve working conditions and consumer and worker protection in the State.

The goals of the JESF are to:

More Information on the JESF

What is JESF’s Legal Authority?
Information about the creation of the JESF, its purpose, its members, and other participating government entities.

The Underground Economy in California – What Does it Cost?
Information on the impact of the Underground Economy in California.

Help Us Fight Fraud
Information on how workers or businesses can report a business involved in the underground economy.

Press Room
Articles and news stories regarding the underground economy.

Government Entitles: Working Together to Gain the Greatest Impact
Information on each of the governmental entities involved with the JESF.

JESF Reports
The JESF’s annual reports to the Governor and the Legislature.