How to Pay Benefit Overpayments

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Did you know you can use your credit card or debit card to pay your benefit overpayment? It’s easy and convenient if you have one of the following cards:

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American Express, Discover/NOVUS, MasterCard, and Visa.

You may make your payment online or by phone. The Official Payments Corp. (OPC) charges a service fee based on the amount of your payment. The service fee rate may change at any time. The OPC website provides fee information prior to making a payment.

Have your payment information on hand when you are ready to make your payment:

  • Payment amount.
  • Social Security number of the individual assessed with the overpayment.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address (online payment option only).
  • Credit card or debit card number.
  • Credit card billing address (online payment option only).
  • 3-digit security code and expiration date for the card.

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  • Make Payments Online
  1. Go to the OPC website.
  2. Select “State Payments.”
  3. Enter jurisdiction code 1577.
  4. Select “Make a Payment.”
  5. Select Payment Type “Benefit Overpayment.”
  6. Select “Make a Payment” and complete the required fields.

The OPC is not under the control of the EDD, and the EDD is not responsible for the contents of their website or any links contained in their website. The EDD recommends that you review the security and confidentiality statements of the OPC.

If you need more information on paying your benefit overpayment by credit card, visit FAQs – Benefit Overpayment Credit Card Payments.

  • Make Payments by Phone
  • Call toll-free 1-800-2PAYTAX (1-800-272-9829).
  • Choose option 3 and enter the jurisdiction code 1577.
  • Follow the recorded instructions.
  • Make Payments by Mail

Pay by personal check, cashier check, or money order:

Have your payments made out to the EDD.
Write or print the Social Security number of the individual assessed with the overpayment on all payments.

Mail payments to:

Employment Development Department
Attention: Cashier Benefit Recovery
P.O. Box 826806
Sacramento, CA 94206-0001

  • Request a Payment Arrangement

For consideration of payment plan options, call the EDD Benefit Overpayment Collection Section at 1-800-676-5737.