Able and Available AA 235 - Fact Finding Guide

Health or Physical Condition

  1. Is the claimant filing for benefits while a medical condition exists that caused the individual to leave work? Is the condition stable, or has it improved or worsened since the quit?
  2. What is the claimant’s health or physical condition? How does this condition restrict the individual’s ability to work in his or her usual occupation?
  3. Does the claimant have good cause for the health restrictions(s)? (Has the medical condition been verified? How?)
    1. If good cause has been established for the restriction, does the claimant remain available to a substantial field of employment?
    2. If good is not established for the restriction, has the restriction materially reduced the claimant’s availability for work?
  4. What type of work is the claimant ready, willing, and able to seek, obtain, and perform?
  5. Will the claimant accept such work under prevailing conditions?
  6. Does such work exist with more than a minimal number of employers in the claimant’s labor market area?
  7. Is the claimant legally prohibited from performing work in the occupation due to his or her medical condition?
  8. Has the claimant worked with this health or physical condition under the same or similar circumstances in the past?
  9. If the illness or injury had occurred while the claimant was working, would the claimant have stayed home or continued to work despite the medical condition.