Voluntary Quit VQ 500 – Fact Finding Guide

Wages and Time


  1. What was the specific basis of the claimant's objection regarding the wage?
  2. Was there a definite agreement concerning wages?
    1. What were the terms of the agreement?
    2. When and how were the terms of the agreement broken?
    3. What reason does the employer give for violating the agreement?
    4. Was the agreement in writing or were there any witnesses to the agreement?
  3. If the wage was reduced, what was the reason for the reduction? Was the reduction less than 20%?
  4. If the reduction was less than 20%, was the reduced wage within the prevailing wage for like work in the area?
  5. If the employer was unable or unwilling to pay wages when due:
    1. Was this the first instance?
    2. Did the claimant file a complaint or otherwise bring action against the employer?
    3. What is the employer's explanation of the situation?
  6. If the dissatisfaction with wages was based on low commission or piece rate earnings:
    1. How long did the claimant work for the employer under this method computing wages?
    2. What were the claimant’s average earnings over the past several months?
    3. What reasons do the claimant and the employer give for the low earnings?
    4. Does it appear the low earnings would have been temporary?


  1. What was the specific basis of the claimant's objection?
  2. Was the employer's requirement reasonable?
  3. If the claimant quit because of reduced hours, did the claimant have prospects of other work?
  4. Did the claimant's hours conflict in any way with his or her efforts to seek other work?
  5. Did the claimant file a grievance or otherwise advise the employer of his or her objections prior to quitting?
  6. Did the claimant allow the employer an opportunity to remedy the situation prior to quitting?

Last Revised: 01/18/2022