Voluntary Quit VQ 150 – Fact Finding Guide

Travel: Time, Distance, Cost Factors

  1. Did the claimant leave the job because of reasons related to transportation?
  2. Were the transportation problems temporary, or permanent?
  3. What transportation had the claimant been using to reach work?
  4. How had the claimant's circumstances changed, such as:
    1. Change in hours or shifts?
    2. Change in jobsite?
    3. Change in income?
    4. Family relocation?
    5. Excessive increase in commute costs?
  5. What did the claimant do to solve the transportation problem prior to quitting?
  6. If there were reasonable alternatives, did the claimant investigate them?
  7. If reasonable alternative were available, why didn't the claimant use them?
  8. Were there other reasons for leaving the job in addition to the transportation problem?
  9. If the claimant's quit was caused by a move to another area:
    1. Did the claimant continue to work for the employer after the move?
    2. If the claimant quit because of the move, and the claimant's reason for moving was compelling, was the commute from the new residence still reasonable? (If the reason for the move was noncompelling, the resultant quit is disqualifying.)

Last Revised: 01/19/2022