Revised PY 20-21 WIOA Formula Funds

Workforce Services Information Notice

The Department of Labor issued Training and Employment Guidance Letter 15-20, dated March 31, 2021, which revised Program Year (PY) 2020-21 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) second round Dislocated Worker formula funds (“advanced” funds). The second round of Dislocated Worker PY 20-21 formula funds have been adjusted for the re-allotment.

Attachment 1 reflects the revised total formula PY 20-21 allotments listed by Local Area and formula funding stream. Only the second round of Dislocated Worker funds have increased.

Formula Funds

The revised federal allotment to California, and the amounts available for formula allocation to the Local Areas are listed below. Attachment 2 reflects the revised total PY 20-21 breakdown of how each of the three funding streams are allocated. Only Dislocated Worker funds have increased.

PY 20-21 Federal Allotment & Available Formula Allocation
PY 20-21 Title I Total Allotment Formula Allocation
Youth Program $134,926,913 $114,687,877
Adult Program $129,604,863 $110,164,134
Dislocated Worker Program $142,857,606 $85,714,566

If you have questions or require technical assistance relative to the programs, contact your Regional Advisor. If you have questions or require assistance with financial reporting, contact the Financial Management Unit at

Central Office Workforce Services Division


Last Revised: 02/15/2022